bicycle lane avoids clear space and runs across obstacles

Nicholson, nothing but Paint

Returning to the roads from the afternoon bicycle ride video for more highlights of ridiculous oversights beginning with a favourite of adding bicycle infrastructure without wanting to move kerbs.

bicycle lane pinched at pedestrian crossing

The original pedestrian crossing is retained and the safety strip applied at constant width against the vehicle lane, leaving the shared parking/bicycle lane to simply neck down at it passes by the kerb. While not the narrowest of lanes in Melbourne it still fails to meet the width and clearance requirements of the national guides. Further along we find the kerb hugging behaviour once again.

bicycle lane avoids clear space and runs across obstacles

Not only interrupted by a large drain grate with parallel running slots, the adverse crossfall well beyond the permitted maximum (slope/camber of the corner being away from the direction of turning) combines to provide a critically dangerous hazard of course immediately followed by a tree growing in the middle of the lane. With ample space to route the lane away from these problems the easy solution was adopted instead despite its obvious deficiencies.

Having narrowed the vehicle lane widths, speed humps were installed to provide further traffic calming but they required blind policemen with marking poles to prevent cars avoiding the vertical deflection devices with horizontal deflection (yes, road designers really use this sort of silly language). Here the old linework paints a history of the designs explored.

layers of decaying infrastructure under cars parked out into road

The position of the pole confuses drivers parking in the marked bays and consistently causes them to park too far from the kerb and into the bicycle area. For additional comedy to maintain a useable width for large vehicles these miniature raised medians have been placed beyond the safety strip and into the bicycle lane narrowing it further. Who knows what will come next for this street but its sure not going to be pretty like the lines of trees.


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