safety adorned vehicle double parked in road

Double the Safety

With endless examples of poor judgement available, we can focus on those with a touch of (droll) humour and BJ Safety Supplies are here to provide the goods in more ways than one.

Drivers on Turner St are once again finding creative ways to utilise the door clearance for the bicycle lane, this time allowing space for the delivery driver to unload their merchandise while double parked. Neatly parked against the “safety strip” unconcerned about jutting out into the lane, the driver of this vehicle with license plates YQP 880 sends a clear signal to all other road users that they think they are much more important. The ridiculousness in this, all the buildings along this part of the road have parking lots off road with driveways and flat areas more suited to short term parking, they’re even closer to the front door of the premises!


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