Around-a-bout a Roundabout

Exceptions to all the rules would describe this junction on Park Street taking a crossroads and weighing it down with more complications than a diving watch. Prioritising through traffic and the bus route around the corner the 2 minor roads and shared path all intersect in the space of 25m (3-4 seconds). Seen here on a quiet weekend calming is effected by the extremely tight corner radii in each direction and the stop sign across the only remaining straight direction.

median islands forming an approximate roundabout

Visible from this direction is the return loop back around the island with is give way sign confusingly facing this way from the median. The stop lines are brought right up and into the road to reinforce that pedestrians must give way to traffic when crossing (and stopped traffic blocks them from crossing) while users of the shared path when coming from the right of this picture need to look backwards over their shoulder to check for approaching traffic. Though breaking some unintended “rat running” routes without inconveniencing the residents of those streets the end result puts pedestrians at the bottom of the priority and keeps the undesirable motor vehicles the dominant form of transport.


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