exclusive bicycle lane crossing a road

Against Progress

Signs try to be succinct and obvious in their meaning, with the above having few possible interpretations. This crossing is becoming comedic with its absence of compliance by users and the video captures a common occurrence.

Without any distractions, diversions, barriers, limited visibility, or other explanations the pedestrians positions themselves against the marked flow of bicycles and adjacent to the large and empty


complete with markings in text and symbols to their right. The green treatment has remained reserved for exclusive bicycle infrastructure to avoid any confusion but with all that in place somehow pedestrians gravitate to this position. Sounding a horn continuously on approach has them move slightly out of the way and without looking backwards into the path of any cyclists trying to pass them. Despite no impediments to their movement they choose to walk towards oncoming vehicles.


And finally the last second sporting dodge by twisting their hips when they realise that they might actually have to get out of the way.

pedestrian dodging a bicycle

This situation is so ridiculous some cyclists are taking to illegally riding across the pedestrian crossing section as it is often clearer of pedestrians than the bicycle lanes. So much for the road rules keeping behaviour predictable and the public safe, without any enforcement rules are just nice ideas.


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