looking across an intersection as the traffic lights turn red

Red Sprint

The view from the intersection entering the eastern end of Lorimer Street, crossing in typical light morning traffic. Receiving an amber light meters after crossing the stop line it is now a sprint to get to the other side.

Cars turning across while running the red light delayed the entry into the intersection but the amber phase still begins more than 1 second after it would have been possible to stop. Despite this “head start” the opposing lights show green well before clearing the intersection while accelerating to achieve more than 25km/h average speed. Although this example is already very uncomfortable, the worst case with a design cyclist of 20km/h and just passing the stop line as the lights show amber would put the cyclist much further back, just past the middle of the intersection as the other phases go green.

When you enter an intersection while the lights are green its not unreasonable to expect that you will be able to make it across before the lights go green for other directions, this being one of the essential safety requirements of an intersection, but VicRoads refuse to act. Real people, real danger, no response.


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