grumpy man

Grumble Bum

Here is the cheery face of the loutish gentleman who refused to consider that a bicycle might be placed in a very specific way. Beginning by making it personal and asking the carriage simply “who’s bike is this?” which did not elicit an response, so he took it upon himself to reposition the bicycle to give himself more space on the seat.

grumpy man

After being informed by the owner that he should not move other peoples property and that the bicycle was in the only position it would safely travel in, the gentleman argumentatively deflected any outside input and repositioned the bicycle as he saw fit. Before he left the train an hour later the bicycle had fallen over onto other passengers on 3 occasions and added some new scratches to the bicycle frame.

Enjoy life, respect other people, and have yourself a nice day, unlike this guy.


3 thoughts on “Grumble Bum

    1. Not particularly productive though. In other regions you’d just call for the conductor, but those places with conveniences such as conductors usually have a dedicated and designed space for bicycles to go.


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