footpath terminates at closed sign

Planned Inaccessibility

Bridgeworks will have this road disrupted for months as substantial reconstruction of the structure continues and major roads in the area pre-empted this with illuminated signs warning traffic to avoid the area. But what consideration has been given to pedestrians?

roadwork signage and temporary traffic lights for cars

From this angle the footpaths on both sides of the street can be seen, and traffic lights to control the flow of road traffic through the single lane. Numerous temporary traffic arrangements have been put in place to minimise the impact on vehicles, but this is what greets pedestrians from the other side:

footpath terminates at closed sign

A single sign informing pedestrians that the footpath is closed, without any advance warning, and reminding them to watch their step if they cross the loose surface. To cross the road from this point via the existing crossings would entail a 700m (10 minute) detour, or without being able to see the state of any the traffic lights pedestrians can try their chances with a gap in traffic. Those people requiring kerb ramps have no option other than the lengthy detour and time to contemplate why they are once again forgotten about during roadworks.


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