car passing between lines of traffic

Me too Merging

Its disappointing to miss an opportunity, and possibly more so when you know you see that another person marginally ahead of you did not. A sudden sense of entitlement having seen someone else obtain the result you desired somehow translates into insanity on the roads.

In these extended tapers at some point there is no longer room to pass, it can be hard to judge but that is the skill expected of a driver. “Fair” merging of this type where the vehicle behind must give way lends its self to aggressive or impatient drivers racing into the merge point to “win” the merge. Unlike this less formal example with a wide lane, even in the clear cases where a dividing line ends some drivers will still try and sneak through. Here instead is a lunatic who cuts between two traffic lanes in a bid to save some precious seconds, recreating the cross section as all three vehicles are alongside each other:

cross section of car straddling lanes between other vehicles

So a big hello to the driver of the Green Toyota Starlet with licence plate OSD 059 who is so important they can’t possibly share the road with others and must exercise the full 60km/h (38mph) speed limit at all times.

car passing between lines of traffic


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