hot air balloon above highway

Lighter way to travel

Cool mornings bring an alternative transport option to the skies, though its not the lack of directional controls but rather the rate of spinning which looks undesirable videoed here at 50x realtime.

This relaxing view of the graceful transport mode is however not enough to balance the noise and gloom of waiting to cross the road. Shown in the bottom right of the video is the original timecode (clock) of the camera in hours:minutes:seconds:frames to capture the real passage of time. Arriving to the intersection at 47 minutes and 47 seconds, then being given a preciously short green light over 3 and a half minutes later only to have it still blocked with heavy vehicles running red lights. The Australian design guides are as usual very well considered on the matter:

The recommended maximum cycle time for a two-phase intersection is 100 to 120 seconds (subject to signal coordination considerations) and is 150 to 180 seconds for sites with complex phasing systems and high traffic demands.

But even after cutting out safety to increase flow and reduce cycle times Vicroads sees no problem with leaving traffic waiting for over 200 seconds during this relatively light traffic.


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