clearway full of parked cars

Notional Clearway

Clearways in Melbourne make news this week with a tow truck driver failing to notice a sleeping occupant in a vehicle they towed for parking illegally, but away from the highly publicised tow away areas clearways are anything but.

Theoretically a clearway should be empty of any stopped vehicles with the 3 penalty units of fine at $455 being more expensive than the cost of releasing a towed vehicle. But here is a more typical clearway in operation, which doubles as a bicycle lane.

cars parked under bicycle lane sign

Noting that these photos were taken at 7:15am well into the operation of the clearway with no rushed drivers in sight. Again in reverse view showing the bumper to bumper parking, entirely filling what should be a completely clear roadway.

clearway full of parked cars

The unafraid population of Melbourne continue to ignore laws, without enforcement its all just window dressing.


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