shared path repurposed as road

Orrs Away

Operators of the Convention Centre continue their apathetic sign posing but to what end? Entirely legitimate unlike their previous efforts (installed on public property without any authority) these remain on their property and along with blocking cycling through their site:

bicycle prohibition signs on footpath

They also include some signs directing cyclists to use the route along the public space:

bicycle direction sign on footpath

Which is the space they previously said had such high pedestrian traffic that it required special speed limits for bicycles to improve safety. Pushing more bicycles into this route is surely going to make things worse rather than better, and only links through to the dangerous wooden surfaces. The connection now blocked took cyclists through to bicycle lanes on and off the road (though not continuous) and was used by commuting and recreational cyclists alike, even guided tourist groups took this wider and quieter route. Possibly connected is the Exhibition Centres new works to increase car parking along the connecting off road path:

shared path repurposed as road

The linework for the existing separated path can be seen complete with bicycle symbol (the matching pedestrian symbol had been removed by painting over) right in the middle of the new lanes for cars to queue across the footpath while entering or exiting the carpark. The narrow section left for pedestrians is marked with a “zebra” crossing requiring bicycle riders to dismount and walk across. Otherwise a quiet cul-de-sac the adjacent road had little traffic previously and generous lanes more than adequate for sharing, but the smooth link through to the city is now blocked with only the congested waterfront remaining.


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