bicycle wheel falling through pier

Redistributing the Hazard

Complaints on complaints and still the obvious is ignored. Between the City of Melbourne council and their appointed contractors it seems that a simple request for basic safety issues to be addressed remains all too difficult, yet they both continue to ask why the results aren’t satisfactory.

bicycle wheel falling through pier

If audits were being undertaken it would be blindingly obvious that redistributing excessively large gaps between the wooden planks to a series of equal but narrower gaps fails to produce a safe solution. Here a bicycle wheel in the direction of travel still falls smoothly without resistance into the deep slot between the planks. When the Australian guides note an absolute worst case of 12mm (1/2 inch) to exist before intervention and the contractor completes their “make it safe” routine leaving these 25mm gaps (1 inch) something is rotten. Its no longer one or two obstacles (wide gaps) to avoid but now every single gap presents a dangerous hazard with the same wheel wedging into many adjacent gaps.

bicycle wheel stuck in gaps between planks of pier

If the surrounding infrastructure wasn’t overtly discouraging, unlawfully excluding, and obstructing cyclists then this might not be such a problem. But while the council pushes this as the only bicycle route through the area its a blatant two faced disgrace to require cyclists to use this route while taking no regard for their safety. So far the patchwork of “improvements” have only made things worse while soaking up time and money in disingenuous “fixes”.


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