shared path with bicycle reduce speed sign

Extending the Grid

Having long lampooned the works along the River Esplanade shared path the literally fixes upon fixes are now extended to the full length of the pier and while still falling short of the length of the bicycle route they at least cover the worst of the gaps shown several weeks ago. First is a video to show use of the area.

Once through the bollards and across the wood onto the grid surface its flat for now, but even at this leisurely pace of 27km/h (17 mph) the bumps are noticeable and the panels are already shifting to form gaps and steps just weeks after installation. Getting on and off the raised surface requires passing across the edging strips largely parallel to the direction of travel and their slippery edges are sure to throw more cyclists off their bikes. This compounds the lack of adequate width with cyclists unwilling to move off the raised surface to go around other users. Australian guides require an absolute minimum width of 2500mm (8 feet) for shared paths, and a typical width of 3000mm (10 feet) for these paths forming through routes, so of course the width provided is under 2000mm (6 feet 6 inches).

With the minimum width ignored its not surprising that the works failed to address the ongoing problem with the path and simply added more of the same metal strips.

metal strips lifting up from path

Here at the junction of two of the perforated panels making up the new raised surface the metal edging is already sitting 8mm proud of the surface, compared to a surface tolerance of 5mm and the intervention level at 10mm. They’ll have to return in short time to start the next round of fixes on fixes.


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