tractor waiting at a red light

Avoiding Queues

Queued traffic is the symptom of congestion and while it delays travel the queue concept should delay all the traffic equally, until the impatient start finding ways to bypass the wait.

Amongst construction works this tractor is not out of place and proceeding towards the worksite, already inside the speed restricted area of 40km/h (25 mph). Although travelling close to the speed limit, the reduced lanes and multiple feeder roads have caused several vehicles to form a line following the digger. Its when they’re all brought to a stop the driver of the dark purple car (registration TBZ552) makes a break for empty space down the turning lane only to cut across in front of the tractor as they cut back into the forward lane without indicating.

tractor waiting at a red light

The lane is clearly marked as a turning lane and as such is covered with an explicit road rule:

92 Traffic lane arrows
(1) If a driver is driving in a marked lane at an intersection (except a roundabout) and there are traffic lane arrows applying to the lane, the driver must-
(a) if the arrows indicate a single direction- drive in that direction

Simple! Once again its the drivers of Melbourne who seem so intent on flaunting laws whenever they feel like it, unafraid because enforcement is so lacking. These creative queue jumping maneuverers are relatively common from either the left or right turning lanes and follow the general situation of antisocial drivers using their vehicle to push into traffic wherever they see fit. Equally questionable is this set of traffic lights installed on a busy through road for the convenience of patrons to the newly constructed petrol station, competing with another existing petrol station across the street from it that does not have traffic lights to funnel traffic, transport planners happy to reduce throughput on the road for commercial benefit.


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