McColls branded truck parked on a road

Selfishness Spills Over

Businesses are out to make profit, otherwise they would setup shop as charities (although there are some famous charities in Australia making huge profits from their products while avoiding taxes). Governments set boundaries for their operations often from public pressure such as the Labour movement fighting for better conditions for workers, or the mundane every day of traffic laws.

How well does this work in Melbourne?

Not so well. As previously seen, businesses will happily claim the roads as their own as they see fit. While clogging a dead end is inconvenient for a few this driver parking on a busy through route takes it another step further. Bonus disaster for simultaneously breaking so many road rules, parking facing the wrong direction, parking in a marked no stopping area with signs posted on every power pole (visible only from the other direction), and obstructing the lanes.

The companies (McColl’s) response to this was to justify their actions as necessary for the operation of their business. Scrambling for excuses they brought up many possible answers each failing scrutiny before settling on a broad justification of “we need to”. In particular they claimed the gates to the property were not open but that is clear from the footage with other trucks accessing the site.


Boral did not respond to requests for comment, unusual for a company so specific about safety they have safety policies for using stairs posted on all their stairwells.

The video includes some further gems for those watching carefully, a pedestrian walking down the bicycle lane against the parked cars reduces the usable width further while the footpath on the other side of the road is empty. Out of shot a large prime mover (a tractor for the American audiences) is following behind in the direction of travel and pulls to a stop while waiting for the cars to clear the road, despite its heft cars continue to pull out into the oncoming lane and its only the truck at the end of the video that slows and flashes its lights to let the large vehicle know its safe to proceed. A scale drawing of the road width shows how little space is left.


Once people realise the police are ineffective in enforcing law, they have no problem justifying to themselves how their situation puts them above the rest of the public. Laws without enforcement are of no worth.


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