unwarranted sign placed across shared path

Go jump in the River

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre continues with its indifference to pedestrians and cyclists sprawling their commercial operations out onto public land. Previously they have specifically taken issue with capacity along this waterfront section of shared path, so lets see how they try to improve things.

event entrance sprawling across shared path

Despite having footpath trading markers in place to mark the limits of commercial operations, the businesses along here have all (except one) built solid and permanent structures right up to that boundary. Here a larger event is being conducted with an a temporary marquee erected in front of the permanent structure. But having filled all the space they now put the signage, carpet, and ever essential velvet rope across the majority of the public shared path.

Visible are the unauthorised speed limits placed on this crown land by the Exhibition Centre management as part of their concern for the inadequate space available. More recently this was layout for the same location (looking the other direction).

unwarranted sign placed across shared path

The sign its self neatly out from the fencing as to block more path than necessary and poetically directing pedestrians to the ladder down into the river. Despite this being crown land (public space) and what appears to be parkland from the government spatial data.

land parcel designations for South Wharf

A video of the detour sign in context from which the still was taken.

When was the last time you saw a commercial entity block off public roads for their events? The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has concern only for one thing, profits. They’ll absorb all the space they can get to host larger and larger events and businesses, but blame the problems caused on the cyclists. Public space should remain for the public, not commercial profits.


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