car double parked with hazards lights on

Tow Away

Double parked cars are unusual enough, but this effort across two lanes rates a special mention. So why is the driver needing to block lanes?

tow truck driver entering their vehicle

They needed to retrieve their tow truck which was parked on the road. The business address for Melbourne South Towing is located on the outskirts of Melbourne and here in the Melbourne city they do not have any offices or premises nearby so this driver stores their truck on the road in public. This is a small section of parking without any time limits and possibly the closest unrestricted parking to the city. All legal up until they try and retrieve the truck without having to find somewhere to park their car because all the parking spaces are filled.

As before the commercial interests in the area see no problem with using public space for their activities, there is no need to lease or buy more land when the roads and paths are free to use. Theoretically there are laws and regulations in place to stop all of these, but without enforcement the rules are worthless.


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