planter boxes blocking shared path

Filling Gaps

Its nice to have some more greenery about town but when there is a lack of space for users of a shared path, adding more obstructions is not going to help.

bicycle prohibition signs on footpath

Although the cycling prohibition signs trying to control this route have since been removed the general approach for the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has been to attempt to eliminate cycling so they’re trying a green approach with a new set of planters to block the path.

The low stonework barriers were intimidating enough on their own at pedal height with sharp corners, but now its a tight slalom with poor visibility.

These barriers help no-one and only increase the contention between users vying for ever smaller spaces, if the greenery is so important they only need be pushed back a few meters or aligned with the stonework to avoid the constriction. With all this space to locate them clearly they are intended to get in the way.


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