bicycle symbol painted on green bicycle lane

Providing space is not making space

Ignoring all the inadequacies of cycling infrastructure around Melbourne even that which is placed thoughtfully and built to the minimum standards (no surprises but this example doesn’t) it still fails to provide an environment that will encourage more people to use them.

Travelling through a bicycle lane clearly marked and painted green for the full length of the intersection, this driver (of vehicle with number plates 1HF7TW) saw no problem in accelerating to get ahead and then breaking heavily to wash off their excessive speed for the corner and cut across in front. Had we not snappily applied the brakes ahead of their move it would have ended in a collision. Saving a precious second or two for them at physical risk to those around them.

This is the reality that the public are well aware of, but see no reason to change as it suits the motorised majority (themselves). Just providing a space for cyclists does not ensure the space is available for use or safe, it requires laws to protect vulnerable road users and enforcement, both of which are absent in Victoria.


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