council share our streets campaigner amongst pedestrians on road crossing

Sharing for Pedestrians

With a full day of the councils Share Our Streets promotion continuing at Queensbridge Square, its only fair to poke fun at the disaster which is the segregated crossing which they setup adjacent to.Here pictured among the pedestrians flowing onto the crossing is one of the council representatives with their informational pole yet for all the talk of sharing the space its the one sided pedestrians walking straight out into the exclusive bicycle path. As requested by the councils propaganda we sounded a horn to inform the pedestrians of our approach grabbing the attention of a few people.

pedestrians alerted by horn

The impertinent man pictured here in the grey shirt despite robust efforts from their partner to physically push them out of the way chooses to continue their course without making any space. So cutting around them to the left to continue progress brings another wall of pedestrians.

pedestrians filling bicycle lane

To which another round of horn is applied with most taking notice and checking what the commotion is about.

pedestrians looking toward viewer

But they quickly return to “their” space and continue as is.

pedestrians filling bicycle lane

Amongst the free flow of abuse from some of the pedestrians even a horn is ineffective, sharing is reframed by the council as bicycles giving way to pedestrians with no similar expectation put on pedestrians despite them having the same legal requirements. If using a bell or horn results in negative reactions the majority of the time we have no reason to use it. Further this segregated crossing has an expansive section exclusively for pedestrians and they still choose to illegally cross outside the crossing or in the exclusive bicycle area because:

  1. it’s a slightly shorter distance
  2. there is no enforcement of the road rules

This is a repeat of the consistently seen behaviour at this crossing since it was opened, with horn:

or no horn:

Pedestrians will walk without fear not just into the path of a bicycle but directly towards them on the assumption the other party will yield. Sharing is a co-operative effort, and requires consideration of others needs, this education campaign could have addressed the clear misunderstandings which people have about these public spaces but instead just plays politics and supports the popular views.


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