truck entering intersection

Pushing too far

A real world example of an ignorant motorist pushing their luck and picking the wrong fight, completely ignoring the “law of the jungle” along with the actual laws that seem less important when you’re staring down a semi-trailer.

The action begins in the lead image where a white utility vehicle (ute) has pulled alongside the heavy truck which was indicating a left hand turn from the right hand lane. Notably the truck displays this very specific banner on the rear of the trailer which means exactly what it says:sign: DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE

But the driver of the ute is either unaware of the road rules or so incredibly inattentive they missed the enormous vehicle with its line of indicators stretching along the side. Either is possible but they continued moving forwards even as the truck starts turning across their path, then the driver of the ute sounded their horn escalating the event. With the truck driver now across the majority of the intersection to clear the encroaching vehicle they pull to an abrupt stop and not so politely point out to the driver the still operating indicators on the side of their vehicle.unhookIndicate.jpg

Not to be intimidated by a bit of lewd shouting the driver of the ute gets out and shouts back with some swearing too, but failed to come up with any witty reply and realises that the truck driver has already got back into their truck and is ignoring them. Now they’re standing in the middle of the road looking like a fool.


The ute was far enough forward that the truck driver had to enter the oncoming lane to complete their turn, which would usually be completed comfortably within the normal lanes.


Stills are nice but the video captures the elegant way the truck driver addressed the situation, delaying the other motorist with a memorable interaction (no sound in the video so its family friendly):

Hopefully the driver of the ute learns something from this event, although from their aggressive reaction it seems unlikely. Trying to mix it up with a heavy vehicle is a very bad idea for personal safety with even before considering the possible $1554.60 fine (more than one weeks wages) for passing the vehicle on the left. When you’re getting in the way of a 10 to 20 tonne truck trying to go about its daily work, its best not to sound your horn, especially when you’re the one in the wrong.


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