Senseless Destruction

It started with a group of teenage boys absorbed in their socialising and forgetting about the other passengers on the trains needs to get in and out of the doors, but then as suddenly as they arrived they seemed to disappear, until the scratching noises from behind the door…This sounds like the introduction to a horror movie, but its just another day on Melbourne’s railways. Despite having talked at length about their “missing” friends who they had just been chatting to the pair of teens left in the carriageĀ feigned ignorance when asked what was going on behind the door to the drivers cab. But as they got off at the pre-arranged station they had a sudden strong interest again in the drivers door.



When you’ve just been discussing the plan in public those around you might just hear what you’re saying and piece the puzzle together. Their friends/associates/etc had forced their way into the drivers cab and after awkwardly fumbling around and causing lots of noise started scratching graffiti onto the inside of the metal door. Quite some planning had gone into the groups intentions as they discussed (slightly too loudly in public) the choice of station to depart at to avoid detection/apprehension. Unlucky for them some cameras are mobile:

And we can lift a nice clear shot of the two as they step out of the drivers cabin:


Staff at the next station didn’t seem interested in this at all, “you could go to the police if you really wanted” was their reply. So it looks like the trains are a soft target for these kids to damage which is a shame as the rest of us would prefer it kept clean, tidy, and secure.


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