Metro Trains time distortion

After the complete system wide failure of the Melbourne train network on the 13th of July where all vehicles were brought to a stop for over an hour in the middle of the evening peak, Metro Trains quickly back pedalled on their original position of not refunding all passengers and were widely quoted in the press as promising a refund to customers who used the system during that shutdown. Their promise was “within 30 days”….

So here 47 calendar days later (33 work days just to be sure) the refund arrives silently. A few tens of thousands of dollars in interest of possible profits against delivering on promises, and we can all wait in the dark for the refunds. While here we can also bask in the barely functional “history” function at the terminals to view card activity, only listing the last 10 events with little detail which for most daily travellers as here is less than 3 days of information:


Perhaps we can all pay our bills weeks after the due date without any penalties?


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