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Australian ute (car body with a work tray)

Melburnians don’t drive far

Its easy to believe everyone else behaves just like ourselves do but reality is often radically different. Private motor vehicles are the dominant transport method but how are they actually used? Continuing with the VISTA survey data we can look at how far Melbourne vehicles travel each day. Continue reading Melburnians don’t drive far

3 lane highway with no bicycle lane or shoulder

Squeezing out Cycling

Cycling often gets left forgotten (or wilfully ignored) in building Melbourne’s road infrastructure and the places where it already exists provides little assurance that it will remain. Breaking just a small section of a continuous route can quickly destroy its utility, but that seems to be considered an acceptable trade for minor improvements for motor vehicles. Continue reading Squeezing out Cycling

group of people riding identical electric scooters on a path

Unseen vehicles in Melbourne

Melbourne city struggles with increasing transport demands year on year and steadily reducing traffic speeds, a common challenge across many major cities of the world. Moving more transport from private cars to more space efficient modes has seen roads closed and pedestrian, bicycle, and tram infrastructure grow but just as soon as space appears its quickly taken over. Continue reading Unseen vehicles in Melbourne