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golf cart in middle of shared path

Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

Shared space has been somewhat of a catch all for lumping together different transport modes with pedestrians, but Melbourne takes it a step further with uncontrolled use of golf carts within the city. Continue reading Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

group of people riding identical electric scooters on a path

Unseen vehicles in Melbourne

Melbourne city struggles with increasing transport demands year on year and steadily reducing traffic speeds, a common challenge across many major cities of the world. Moving more transport from private cars to more space efficient modes has seen roads closed and pedestrian, bicycle, and tram infrastructure grow but just as soon as space appears its quickly taken over. Continue reading Unseen vehicles in Melbourne

cyclist riding through park planter boxes

Provisional Pop-up Park Preview

Melbourne City Council has been trialling a partial closure of Elizabeth St as a proposed open public space closing a single direction of the closest block to Flinders St (Station). But as implemented it’s making less room room for pedestrians rather than more. Continue reading Provisional Pop-up Park Preview

12 AA batteries, a bottle of clear liquid, and a large bowl of pasta

Fuels of Choice

Much has been written on the fuel efficiency of different modes of transport but rarely are they presented to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions. Here instead is a collection of the energy costs of several forms of private transport compared on the same scale and then with efficiencies included for different energy sources. Continue reading Fuels of Choice

bicycle racks with "do not park here" signs

None shall inconvenience the Bustitution

Planned works on Melbourne’s Alamein, Belgrave, Glen Waverley and Lilydale lines affected quite a sizeable portion of the metropolitan rail network this past week. With their closure of track sections closest to the central loop busses were ferrying passengers from already densely congested areas of the city but there was apparently no need to make extra space for all these people. Continue reading None shall inconvenience the Bustitution

covert camera attached to handrail

Confirming the Expected

It has been some time since the active safety measures on this Melbourne pedestrian crossing were irrationally reinforced and now a less than subtle camera appears to assess the current situation. Continue reading Confirming the Expected


Inclusive Signals

Amongst the visually busy city of Melbourne and its dense road signs the occasional surprise pops out, but you need to look rather closely. Continue reading Inclusive Signals

temporary marquee built onto shared path

Privatising Public Space

As has been predicted on this blog since the redevelopment of the riverfront South Wharf Promenade with each successive event/redevelopment/year the businesses continue to push their boundaries further into the public space. While the council initially seemed interesting in looking at the problems they’ve failed to follow up with any progress and the public space continues to erode. Continue reading Privatising Public Space


Subduing Pedestrians

Traffic lights are used to increase throughput at junctions and/or prioritise particular traffic flows, such priority for vehicles over pedestrians was previously presented but there are subtle ways which the design of crossing lights can have enormous impacts on users. Continue reading Subduing Pedestrians

many bicycles attached to fence along full length

Parking Overflow

Clear and sunny days might have freezing starts to them but despite being the middle of winter dry days still make for comfortable cycling. But where to park? Already seeing the bicycle parking of the city taken over with advertising cyclists some times get creative and find informal parking locations but even they have their limits. Continue reading Parking Overflow