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bicycle racks with "do not park here" signs

None shall inconvenience the Bustitution

Planned works on Melbourne’s Alamein, Belgrave, Glen Waverley and Lilydale lines affected quite a sizeable portion of the metropolitan rail network this past week. With their closure of track sections closest to the central loop busses were ferrying passengers from already densely congested areas of the city but there was apparently no need to make extra space for all these people. Continue reading None shall inconvenience the Bustitution

Melbourne Railway network map

Faster Trains by Skipping and Closing Stations

As Melbournes train lines increase their frequency to keep up with demand the passengers certainly appreciate the shorter waiting time and less crowding, but could we do even better? Although a few years old the train station patronage data from PTV allows some insights into how passengers as getting to the stations and from that we can estimate what effect station closures or timetable changes might have on the network. Continue reading Faster Trains by Skipping and Closing Stations

covert camera attached to handrail

Confirming the Expected

It has been some time since the active safety measures on this Melbourne pedestrian crossing were irrationally reinforced and now a less than subtle camera appears to assess the current situation. Continue reading Confirming the Expected


Metro Trains time distortion

After the complete system wide failure of the Melbourne train network on the 13th of July where all vehicles were brought to a stop for over an hour in the middle of the evening peak, Metro Trains quickly back pedalled on their original position of not refunding all passengers and were widely quoted in the press as promising a refund to customers who used the system during that shutdown. Their promise was “within 30 days”…. Continue reading Metro Trains time distortion


Senseless Destruction

It started with a group of teenage boys absorbed in their socialising and forgetting about the other passengers on the trains needs to get in and out of the doors, but then as suddenly as they arrived they seemed to disappear, until the scratching noises from behind the door… Continue reading Senseless Destruction


Flinders St Station fronts History

Of course the memories are in photo form to fit the blog and actually of the more interesting St Kilda Road which is the focus of the station and public transport in Melbourne. With recent mutterings of possible changes to the area it pays to look back at what has been and the slow evolution of the space. Continue reading Flinders St Station fronts History

alarmist sign on pedestrian gate

Saving Crawling Babies

Returning to dysfunctional infrastructure, and the novel pedestrian crossings used on Australian railways. This example represents the highest level of protection offered to pedestrians at intersections with railways, with the recent upgrade of this crossing ratcheting that up another notch in the interests of mollycoddling the public. Continue reading Saving Crawling Babies

corner of Australian senate ballot paper

Australia Votes

In the closing weeks of the Federal Election campaign we can review the positions on transport the political parties are promoting (or not) as they try to convince us to part with our votes. Interestingly not all the parties include a position or policy on transport despite it regularly creating several single issue parties for voters to consider.

Continue reading Australia Votes

grumpy man

Grumble Bum

Here is the cheery face of the loutish gentleman who refused to consider that a bicycle might be placed in a very specific way. Beginning by making it personal and asking the carriage simply “who’s bike is this?” which did not elicit an response, so he took it upon himself to reposition the bicycle to give himself more space on the seat. Continue reading Grumble Bum

two signs, one prohibiting cycling, the other warning about trucks

Inconsistent Risk

Train platforms are not a typical location for shared traffic zones but in a spectacular display of inconsistency such a designation has been applied at Toorak Station. Likely in support of the adjacent building works pedestrians are warned they are sharing the space with trucks. Continue reading Inconsistent Risk