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3 lane highway with no bicycle lane or shoulder

Squeezing out Cycling

Cycling often gets left forgotten (or wilfully ignored) in building Melbourne’s road infrastructure and the places where it already exists provides little assurance that it will remain. Breaking just a small section of a continuous route can quickly destroy its utility, but that seems to be considered an acceptable trade for minor improvements for motor vehicles. Continue reading Squeezing out Cycling


Slapping on the Paint

Melbourne city council like to promote their support of cycling but when you look deeper its often nothing more than a charade, highly visible window dressing that has little practical value or worse makes cycling less safe as here. Continue reading Slapping on the Paint

cyclist riding through park planter boxes

Provisional Pop-up Park Preview

Melbourne City Council has been trialling a partial closure of Elizabeth St as a proposed open public space closing a single direction of the closest block to Flinders St (Station). But as implemented it’s making less room room for pedestrians rather than more. Continue reading Provisional Pop-up Park Preview

12 AA batteries, a bottle of clear liquid, and a large bowl of pasta

Fuels of Choice

Much has been written on the fuel efficiency of different modes of transport but rarely are they presented to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions. Here instead is a collection of the energy costs of several forms of private transport compared on the same scale and then with efficiencies included for different energy sources. Continue reading Fuels of Choice

traffic jam on highway

Seasons Traffic

Christmas has come and gone for another year and despite the unique opportunity for improving car occupancy rates we still ended up with traffic jams and stationary traffic on the highways. Continue reading Seasons Traffic

bicycle racks with "do not park here" signs

None shall inconvenience the Bustitution

Planned works on Melbourne’s Alamein, Belgrave, Glen Waverley and Lilydale lines affected quite a sizeable portion of the metropolitan rail network this past week. With their closure of track sections closest to the central loop busses were ferrying passengers from already densely congested areas of the city but there was apparently no need to make extra space for all these people. Continue reading None shall inconvenience the Bustitution

covert camera attached to handrail

Confirming the Expected

It has been some time since the active safety measures on this Melbourne pedestrian crossing were irrationally reinforced and now a less than subtle camera appears to assess the current situation. Continue reading Confirming the Expected

bicycle lane with wands between traffic lanes

Cementing the wrong way to do it

Another round of major roadworks and major steps backwards for inclusive cycling in Melbourne with the completion of the intersection of St Kilda Road and Toorak Road. Previously looked at due to its complete lack of bicycle lanes continuing through the busy intersection, now there are some lanes what do they look and feel like? Continue reading Cementing the wrong way to do it

Magpie flying toward camera

Spring must be here

The warm weather is a hint but its not spring until the Magpies start their annual swooping season. Continue reading Spring must be here


Active travel as a checkbox

Infrastructure where pedestrian and cycling movements have been designed into the system are easy to forget, as they just naturally fit into the journey and require no thought to use so attract no attention. Then you have roads where motor traffic has been the only focus of the design and all other modes are left with whatever can fit around the fringes added just to meet a checkbox on a list, today is a look at one of these second examples. Continue reading Active travel as a checkbox