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worksite safety sign showing all the mandatory safety requirements

Insular Safety

Construction work is abound with risk, and with society tolerating only a limited risk exposure businesses are required by law to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. Occupational health and safety is a professional field of its own which employs many techniques to reduce the risk through eliminating them where possible, reducing their impact, or reducing exposure of people to the risks, among others. The overt manifestation of safety can be seen at most work sites with similar requirements for personal protective equipment, but this is only the last line of defence available when reducing risk and hides the multitude of other measures taken. But how do these businesses see their impact on the public? Continue reading Insular Safety

complicated looking equation

Unhiding Unbundling

From the previous look at fatality rates a simple linear model shows that increasing use of transport modes that pose the least threat to others (namely walking and cycling) would increase the total road toll as they as so vulnerable to the disproportionately dangerous motorised modes. The limitations of a first order model make it fail to predict the obvious extremely low road toll if all motorised traffic were to be eliminated and only non motorised modes remained. Thus a second order model that includes the relative rates of modes interactions on each other is needed and presented here. Continue reading Unhiding Unbundling

McColls branded truck parked on a road

Selfishness Spills Over

Businesses are out to make profit, otherwise they would setup shop as charities (although there are some famous charities in Australia making huge profits from their products while avoiding taxes). Governments set boundaries for their operations often from public pressure such as the Labour movement fighting for better conditions for workers, or the mundane every day of traffic laws. Continue reading Selfishness Spills Over