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golf cart in middle of shared path

Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

Shared space has been somewhat of a catch all for lumping together different transport modes with pedestrians, but Melbourne takes it a step further with uncontrolled use of golf carts within the city. Continue reading Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

bicycle symbol painted on green bicycle lane

Providing space is not making space

Ignoring all the inadequacies of cycling infrastructure around Melbourne even that which is placed thoughtfully and built to the minimum standards (no surprises but this example doesn’t) it still fails to provide an environment that will encourage more people to use them. Continue reading Providing space is not making space

swept path of design vehicle through intersection

Cutting an intersection apart

How much can infrastructure influence peoples behaviour on the streets? Here we can look at the intersection of Foundry Way; a short lane way linking an arterial road and the quiet dead end South Wharf Drive. Notably it has a bicycle route running across the junction top to bottom as seen here, connecting to the shared path heading off the top of the view. Continue reading Cutting an intersection apart