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metal grid surface

Surface Finish

Returning to the deteriorating waterfront path that has been so difficult to get addressed, starting with the local council claiming it wasn’t their responsibility when it most certainly is, and with a contractor who’s intentions are good but delivery is constrained. Having discussed some of the problems at length with the contractor, they assured that further action would be immediate and to “make safe” the problems some new bollards appeared. Continue reading Surface Finish

Around-a-bout a Roundabout

Exceptions to all the rules would describe this junction on Park Street taking a crossroads and weighing it down with more complications than a diving watch. Prioritising through traffic and the bus route around the corner the 2 minor roads and shared path all intersect in the space of 25m (3-4 seconds). Seen here on a quiet weekend calming is effected by the extremely tight corner radii in each direction and the stop sign across the only remaining straight direction. Continue reading Around-a-bout a Roundabout

warning sign warning of warning

Scant Warning

Welcome to Australia, yes there are snakes everywhere though the warning signs are only a recent addition and the warning about warnings was deemed more important. Revisiting the overly detailed and less than useful signs from the Merri Creek Trail (previously covered in Wayfinding) the value of the information provided rapidly goes downhill from this obvious highlight. Continue reading Scant Warning