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3 lane highway with no bicycle lane or shoulder

Squeezing out Cycling

Cycling often gets left forgotten (or wilfully ignored) in building Melbourne’s road infrastructure and the places where it already exists provides little assurance that it will remain. Breaking just a small section of a continuous route can quickly destroy its utility, but that seems to be considered an acceptable trade for minor improvements for motor vehicles. Continue reading Squeezing out Cycling

overhead view of a complex intersection with no bicycle lanes

Stranded Storage

Bicycle infrastructure follows a typical pattern in Melbourne, its dropped in place without considering its utility in a vain attempt to spend budgets and be seen to be doing something. Starting with that sort of ignorant design it quickly becomes a disaster once you add in the selfish public to the mix. Continue reading Stranded Storage

fire trucks negotiating bollards

How big is a Firetruck?

With the recent bollards strewn across Melbourne it seems like the council wants to have its cake and eat it too, blocking vehicles from reaching pedestrian areas while leaving vehicle access to pedestrian areas. So what happens when the fire brigade turns up? Continue reading How big is a Firetruck?


Flinders St Station fronts History

Of course the memories are in photo form to fit the blog and actually of the more interesting St Kilda Road which is the focus of the station and public transport in Melbourne. With recent mutterings of possible changes to the area it pays to look back at what has been and the slow evolution of the space. Continue reading Flinders St Station fronts History

bicycle lane ends merging into traffic lane

A matter of Perspective

Bad infrastructure is easy to see when you are looking for it, but looking at the same road from different lanes can provide a radically different perspective. But we’ll start with the problem where bad infrastructure also requires bad driving. Continue reading A matter of Perspective

promotional armoured vehicle parked across shared path

Roll out the Armour

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre continues its commercially focused use of public space by turning it up to “eleven” and parking an armoured vehicle across the bicycle route, its so ridiculous you can’t make this stuff up! Continue reading Roll out the Armour

unwarranted sign placed across shared path

Go jump in the River

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre continues with its indifference to pedestrians and cyclists sprawling their commercial operations out onto public land. Previously they have specifically taken issue with capacity along this waterfront section of shared path, so lets see how they try to improve things. Continue reading Go jump in the River

bicycle route sign painted on pavement

Suggesting Routes

The City of Melbourne Council is once again showing its apathy for cycling with their new route setting along the Yarra River, suggesting cyclists take the northern Bank from Queensbridge onwards via the excitingly named Banana Alley instead of the shorter and obvious route over the Sandridge Bridge. Continue reading Suggesting Routes

metal grid surface

Surface Finish

Returning to the deteriorating waterfront path that has been so difficult to get addressed, starting with the local council claiming it wasn’t their responsibility when it most certainly is, and with a contractor who’s intentions are good but delivery is constrained. Having discussed some of the problems at length with the contractor, they assured that further action would be immediate and to “make safe” the problems some new bollards appeared. Continue reading Surface Finish

kissing gate

Escaping the Pen

When you don’t check in on the livestock frequently enough, they’ll find ways to escape. So it is with the pen installed on Eel Race Drain a year on which hems in the shared path with its tall post fencing. Continue reading Escaping the Pen