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cyclist riding through park planter boxes

Provisional Pop-up Park Preview

Melbourne City Council has been trialling a partial closure of Elizabeth St as a proposed open public space closing a single direction of the closest block to Flinders St (Station). But as implemented it’s making less room room for pedestrians rather than more. Continue reading Provisional Pop-up Park Preview


West Gate Tunnel Project, past the distractions

Following the announcements of the elevated Veloway months ago the full scope of the West Gate Tunnel Project is now public with the state governments release of the Environment Effects Statement, but there is little time for the public to respond. The 10,000 page EES, works approval application and draft planning scheme amendment are on public exhibition from 29 May to 10 July 2017 at which point submissions are then closed. How does it look for cycling? Continue reading West Gate Tunnel Project, past the distractions

cyclists queuing on the road at an intersection

On the way to Upgrades

Swan St bridge is currently undergoing refurbishment with significant closures for cyclists and pedestrians, ahead of new expansive shared paths being installed across it as part of other works. The busy shared paths each side of the Yarra river which pass underneath are completely closed off during the works as they will be upgraded too, but whats in place while they’re out of action? Continue reading On the way to Upgrades

road worker wearing christmas hat

The Silly Season

Even the road crews got into Christmas shenanigans this year, a bit of fun to brighten up everyones day. While just down the road drivers are still making every effort to try and get caught breaking the law. Continue reading The Silly Season

trucks on one way bridge

Work Safety Division

Held at a stop before a one lane bridge because roadworks were being undertaken gave us the chance to capture this comedy in action. Continue reading Work Safety Division

worksite safety sign showing all the mandatory safety requirements

Insular Safety

Construction work is abound with risk, and with society tolerating only a limited risk exposure businesses are required by law to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. Occupational health and safety is a professional field of its own which employs many techniques to reduce the risk through eliminating them where possible, reducing their impact, or reducing exposure of people to the risks, among others. The overt manifestation of safety can be seen at most work sites with similar requirements for personal protective equipment, but this is only the last line of defence available when reducing risk and hides the multitude of other measures taken. But how do these businesses see their impact on the public? Continue reading Insular Safety

tractor waiting at a red light

Avoiding Queues

Queued traffic is the symptom of congestion and while it delays travel the queue concept should delay all the traffic equally, until the impatient start finding ways to bypass the wait. Continue reading Avoiding Queues

bicycle wheel falling through pier

Redistributing the Hazard

Complaints on complaints and still the obvious is ignored. Between the City of Melbourne council and their appointed contractors it seems that a simple request for basic safety issues to be addressed remains all too difficult, yet they both continue to ask why the results aren’t satisfactory. Continue reading Redistributing the Hazard

metal grid surface

Surface Finish

Returning to the deteriorating waterfront path that has been so difficult to get addressed, starting with the local council claiming it wasn’t their responsibility when it most certainly is, and with a contractor who’s intentions are good but delivery is constrained. Having discussed some of the problems at length with the contractor, they assured that further action would be immediate and to “make safe” the problems some new bollards appeared. Continue reading Surface Finish

lifting plank across shared path

Terminal Pier

Decay continues on the 12 year old shared path running along the south bank of the Yarra river. Previously covered regarding its poor state of repair, inappropriate surface, and barricading of public access, no fixes have been forthcoming for any of the issues and the hazardous surface continues to decay. Continue reading Terminal Pier