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bicycle lane with wands between traffic lanes

Cementing the wrong way to do it

Another round of major roadworks and major steps backwards for inclusive cycling in Melbourne with the completion of the intersection of St Kilda Road and Toorak Road. Previously looked at due to its complete lack of bicycle lanes continuing through the busy intersection, now there are some lanes what do they look and feel like? Continue reading Cementing the wrong way to do it

bicycle lane ends merging into traffic lane

A matter of Perspective

Bad infrastructure is easy to see when you are looking for it, but looking at the same road from different lanes can provide a radically different perspective. But we’ll start with the problem where bad infrastructure also requires bad driving. Continue reading A matter of Perspective

car driving toward cyclist

Police Prejudice

Internationally there are many examples of the inherent biases present within Police forces, so how does Victoria Police deal with a reported incident involving a cyclist? Continue reading Police Prejudice

tractor waiting at a red light

Avoiding Queues

Queued traffic is the symptom of congestion and while it delays travel the queue concept should delay all the traffic equally, until the impatient start finding ways to bypass the wait. Continue reading Avoiding Queues

cars failing to merge

Zero Clearance

All the optimisation that is put into traffic flow can be eliminated with just a minority of selfish and impatient drivers. Uniquely in Australia to Melbourne is the equal part dangerous, illegal, and inefficient zero clearance merge. Continue reading Zero Clearance

car passing between lines of traffic

Me too Merging

Its disappointing to miss an opportunity, and possibly more so when you know you see that another person marginally ahead of you did not. A sudden sense of entitlement having seen someone else obtain the result you desired somehow translates into insanity on the roads. Continue reading Me too Merging

bicycle lane terminates into a kerb

No way forward

Continue reading No way forward

vehicles squeezing into the merge

Squeezing Lennox Street

Continue reading Squeezing Lennox Street

Signalised pedestrian crossing in corner

Queensbridge sleight of hand

Continue reading Queensbridge sleight of hand

bicycle lane ends abruptly

Turner to the End

Continue reading Turner to the End