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Getting on Busses

Another round of level crossing removals and the train replacement busses are out in action on the Frankston line, but whats on the ground has some glaring problems. They’re obvious to able bodied people but quite the barrier for those with mobility difficulties. Continue reading Getting on Busses

golf cart in middle of shared path

Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

Shared space has been somewhat of a catch all for lumping together different transport modes with pedestrians, but Melbourne takes it a step further with uncontrolled use of golf carts within the city. Continue reading Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

McColls branded truck parked on a road

Selfishness Spills Over

Businesses are out to make profit, otherwise they would setup shop as charities (although there are some famous charities in Australia making huge profits from their products while avoiding taxes). Governments set boundaries for their operations often from public pressure such as the Labour movement fighting for better conditions for workers, or the mundane every day of traffic laws. Continue reading Selfishness Spills Over