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Bollards gone Bonkers

The Prime/Police Minister and Premier pronounced it and then it was so, overnight a new forest of bollards appeared in Melbourne under the guises of protecting the public, but they’re little more than security theatre. Continue reading Bollards gone Bonkers

truck wheel sitting on kerb

Lethal Weapons

Road deaths continue to accumulate in Victoria at their steady rate against a very slow growth in transport use, the easy¬†improvements¬†in road safety have been and gone and what options remain are politically “difficult”. While the media will make significant reports on any firearm deaths the much more common road fatalities receive much less attention. But how does the safety of these dangerous weapons compare? Continue reading Lethal Weapons

protruding bull bar on raised four wheel drive

The Bull Bar

An icon of rural vehicles, the bull bar is a accessory fitted to vehicles to minimise the damage in collisions. The typical justification for fitting is the high rates of collisions with wild animals on rural roads, but do the figures add up? Continue reading The Bull Bar

articulated truck with two trailers

Inward and Outward Risk

Months of progress and after cross checking against many dozens of references we now have measures of risk broken down by transport mode, found in the underlying risk matrix computed from the unbundling model it provides not only the well known fatality rates by transport mode use but also the overlooked fatality rates caused externally by each transport mode. Continue reading Inward and Outward Risk