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golf cart in middle of shared path

Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

Shared space has been somewhat of a catch all for lumping together different transport modes with pedestrians, but Melbourne takes it a step further with uncontrolled use of golf carts within the city. Continue reading Pedestrian space is for Pedestrians

group of people riding identical electric scooters on a path

Unseen vehicles in Melbourne

Melbourne city struggles with increasing transport demands year on year and steadily reducing traffic speeds, a common challenge across many major cities of the world. Moving more transport from private cars to more space efficient modes has seen roads closed and pedestrian, bicycle, and tram infrastructure grow but just as soon as space appears its quickly taken over. Continue reading Unseen vehicles in Melbourne

temporary marquee built onto shared path

Privatising Public Space

As has been predicted on this blog since the redevelopment of the riverfront South Wharf Promenade with each successive event/redevelopment/year the businesses continue to push their boundaries further into the public space. While the council initially seemed interesting in looking at the problems they’ve failed to follow up with any progress and the public space continues to erode. Continue reading Privatising Public Space

orange tarmac path hanging under highway

The other suspended Cycleway

Ignoring all the posturing about the supposed proposed cycling infrastructure as part of the West Gate tunnel project there is already a suspended cycleway tucked under the Monash Freeway which is has been seemingly forgotten about. Continue reading The other suspended Cycleway


Bollards gone Bonkers

The Prime/Police Minister and Premier pronounced it and then it was so, overnight a new forest of bollards appeared in Melbourne under the guises of protecting the public, but they’re little more than security theatre. Continue reading Bollards gone Bonkers


West Gate Tunnel Project, past the distractions

Following the announcements of the elevated Veloway months ago the full scope of the West Gate Tunnel Project is now public with the state governments release of the Environment Effects Statement, but there is little time for the public to respond. The 10,000 page EES, works approval application and draft planning scheme amendment are on public exhibition from 29 May to 10 July 2017 at which point submissions are then closed. How does it look for cycling? Continue reading West Gate Tunnel Project, past the distractions


Instructing the next Generation

…in failure of course, you would hope that schools would be teaching students how to be good citizens and consider others but of course this is Melbourne where self interest is king. Continue reading Instructing the next Generation

cyclists queuing on the road at an intersection

On the way to Upgrades

Swan St bridge is currently undergoing refurbishment with significant closures for cyclists and pedestrians, ahead of new expansive shared paths being installed across it as part of other works. The busy shared paths each side of the Yarra river which pass underneath are completely closed off during the works as they will be upgraded too, but whats in place while they’re out of action? Continue reading On the way to Upgrades

signs along edges of shared path

Sharing Softly

The Melbourne City Council is rolling out its efforts to “improve the relationship among road users” as part of its road safety plan with a rather gentle behavioural program, putting positive messages onto the streets with all the good intentions in the world and little substance. Continue reading Sharing Softly

planter boxes blocking shared path

Filling Gaps

Its nice to have some more greenery about town but when there is a lack of space for users of a shared path, adding more obstructions is not going to help. Continue reading Filling Gaps