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Slapping on the Paint

Melbourne city council like to promote their support of cycling but when you look deeper its often nothing more than a charade, highly visible window dressing that has little practical value or worse makes cycling less safe as here. Continue reading Slapping on the Paint

bicycle lane with wands between traffic lanes

Cementing the wrong way to do it

Another round of major roadworks and major steps backwards for inclusive cycling in Melbourne with the completion of the intersection of St Kilda Road and Toorak Road. Previously looked at due to its complete lack of bicycle lanes continuing through the busy intersection, now there are some lanes what do they look and feel like? Continue reading Cementing the wrong way to do it

Inclusive Signals

Amongst the visually busy city of Melbourne and its dense road signs the occasional surprise pops out, but you need to look rather closely. Continue reading Inclusive Signals


Active travel as a checkbox

Infrastructure where pedestrian and cycling movements have been designed into the system are easy to forget, as they just naturally fit into the journey and require no thought to use so attract no attention. Then you have roads where motor traffic has been the only focus of the design and all other modes are left with whatever can fit around the fringes added just to meet a checkbox on a list, today is a look at one of these second examples. Continue reading Active travel as a checkbox


Subduing Pedestrians

Traffic lights are used to increase throughput at junctions and/or prioritise particular traffic flows, such priority for vehicles over pedestrians was previously presented but there are subtle ways which the design of crossing lights can have enormous impacts on users. Continue reading Subduing Pedestrians

overhead view of a complex intersection with no bicycle lanes

Stranded Storage

Bicycle infrastructure follows a typical pattern in Melbourne, its dropped in place without considering its utility in a vain attempt to spend budgets and be seen to be doing something. Starting with that sort of ignorant design it quickly becomes a disaster once you add in the selfish public to the mix. Continue reading Stranded Storage


Flinders St Station fronts History

Of course the memories are in photo form to fit the blog and actually of the more interesting St Kilda Road which is the focus of the station and public transport in Melbourne. With recent mutterings of possible changes to the area it pays to look back at what has been and the slow evolution of the space. Continue reading Flinders St Station fronts History

truck entering intersection

Pushing too far

A real world example of an ignorant motorist pushing their luck and picking the wrong fight, completely ignoring the “law of the jungle” along with the actual laws that seem less important when you’re staring down a semi-trailer. Continue reading Pushing too far

car in the middle of an intersection showing a green pedestrian crossing signal

Suppressing Pedestrians

Signalised crossings are already the motor centric solution to interactions with pedestrians, but even with this inherent advantage motorists will push for more. Continue reading Suppressing Pedestrians

break in continuous lane lines to show place to cross

Follow Through

A bicycle lane of adequate width and clearances is wide enough for a car to travel along, just as a typical 2 lane road is wide enough to fit 3 or 4 vehicles side by side. But selfish drivers only see space they could be using. Continue reading Follow Through