poster titled "Do The Three When You Catch PT"

Watering down safety

PTV saw quite some media attention to their tone deaf “Let’s Go Work From Work” advertising campaign encouraging people to not work from home. The messaging through the lockdowns and restrictions were just as bad, and some still remain.

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City of Melbourne road diet backdown

With mobility restricted during the pandemic and vehicles off the streets, Melbourne city quietly started their plan to cut back on private motor vehicles and improve access for public transport, pedestrians, and bicycles. Restrictions gone and the public returning to the roads has produced the predictable backlash, but how should the road space be divided between modes?

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Impediment upon hinderance

Walking around Melbourne it is clear motorised transport is still the favoured method when it comes to provisioning space and resources. Its not just about the odd corner cutting for pedestrians and cyclists but a consistent and determined effort to exclude them from any priority. Possibly one of the worst examples sits at the top of the city. Continue reading Impediment upon hinderance

pedestrians queuing behind bollards

Pedestrian downgrade at Flinders St Station

Sneaking in reductions in utility and safety while claiming the opposite, politics at its worst. The recent redevelopment of the Flinders St Station forecourt facing onto Swanston St was promoted explicitly as improvements to protection by the City of Melbourne but the majority users of the intersection have been short changed with an absolute reduction in accessibility. Continue reading Pedestrian downgrade at Flinders St Station