Richmond dead end

Straddling across Punt Road, Richmond station should be a convenient way to access the Melbourne sports precinct to the west. With the Australian Open tennis currently underway and the station carrying 8 of Melbourne’s 15 metropolitan lines, its still wildly under utilised.

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Melbourne not Shutdown

With a State of Emergency declared across Victoria the seriousness of the worldwide pandemic has arrived to Melburnians. But despite consistent messaging from the Premier, action from the public is still lacking. Accurate and clear reporting of the situation is essential to prevent apathy towards the control measures, but the media is dropping the ball. Continue reading Melbourne not Shutdown

Impediment upon hinderance

Walking around Melbourne it is clear motorised transport is still the favoured method when it comes to provisioning space and resources. Its not just about the odd corner cutting for pedestrians and cyclists but a consistent and determined effort to exclude them from any priority. Possibly one of the worst examples sits at the top of the city. Continue reading Impediment upon hinderance

pedestrians queuing behind bollards

Pedestrian downgrade at Flinders St Station

Sneaking in reductions in utility and safety while claiming the opposite, politics at its worst. The recent redevelopment of the Flinders St Station forecourt facing onto Swanston St was promoted explicitly as improvements to protection by the City of Melbourne but the majority users of the intersection have been short changed with an absolute reduction in accessibility. Continue reading Pedestrian downgrade at Flinders St Station

Carry on Racing Lights

Although not the extreme example covered previously where bicycles were completely ignored in Melbourne’s intersection designs, most designs look the other way and still ignore the fundamental guidances on safety. There is a repeated assumption that all vehicles on the road will be travelling at the speed limit dangerously placing bicycles in conflict with pedestrians and cars. All in the name of increasing throughput and putting the publics safety as a lower priority. Almost everywhere you look its the same story and not changing. Continue reading Carry on Racing Lights