Carry on Racing Lights

Although not the extreme example covered previously where bicycles were completely ignored in Melbourne’s intersection designs, most designs look the other way and still ignore the fundamental guidances on safety. There is a repeated assumption that all vehicles on the road will be travelling at the speed limit dangerously placing bicycles in conflict with pedestrians and cars. All in the name of increasing throughput and putting the publics safety as a lower priority. Almost everywhere you look its the same story and not changing. Continue reading Carry on Racing Lights


Alluring Pedestrian Crossings

Taking all the desirable properties of a pedestrian crossing and applying them to a location where there is no pedestrian priority, true disaster style. With a paucity of guidance for pedestrians at intersections in the standards and manuals its left up to the imagination of the car centric road designers. What we get is inconsistent and dangerous pedestrian facilities. Continue reading Alluring Pedestrian Crossings

pedestrians still crossing road with bicycle moving past at speed

Pedestrians Racing the Lights

Transport in the city of Melbourne is dominated by pedestrians. Slowly streets have been closed to private vehicles while retaining the iconic trams to carry people across the dense grid of roads, but priority still remains with motorised transport. In the rush to move more people through the same space the speed is excluding some people from safely walking. Continue reading Pedestrians Racing the Lights

SkyBus compromise Airport transport

Searches for transport to/from Melbourne Airport (IATA: MEL, ICAO: YMML) still get dominated by the SkyBus service. They themselves now operate wider services and compete/combine with the government public transport to offer quite a few options with little way to compare between them. So how do they compare on a competitive route? We’ll show you who’s cheapest or quickest.

Continue reading SkyBus compromise Airport transport

Misrepresenting Cycling

The cycling routes through Melbourne city are not just discontinuous and incoherent, but also invisible for much of their distance. Where it is either safe or permissible to ride a bicycle is not always clear, leading to much confusion from people trying to navigate their way around the city by bicycle or other users not expecting bicycles sharing their space. But efforts from the council don’t seem to be improving much of this. Continue reading Misrepresenting Cycling